Monday, December 27, 2010

fuuuhhh !

tag men'tag' amalan mulia...
mekaseh pakcik kut-kut sbb men'tag' sayer...

Starting time ; 2131h

Name ; Suhaili binti Mat Rais
*simple kan...:)*
Brother(S) ; sorang jek n skang dah tambah lg sorg...
Eye Colour ; hari2 tgk cermin,tp xpasan lak kaler pe...
Shoe Size : 6
Hair ; perang..*tipu jek..:P
original kaler kot...
Piercings ; nope
What are you wearing right now ; t-shirt long sleeve ngan slacks
where do you live ; selangor darul ehsan yg indah
Favourite number ; 24
Favourite drink ; fresh orange
Favourite Breakfast ; ape2 jek...sume bedal..
Have You Ever ;

Broken a bone ; nope
Been in a police car ; xjugek
Fallen for a friend ; urmmm...ntah ler..
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time ; maybe
Swam in the ocean ; hahahah...nope
Fallen asleep in school ; mostly...hobi tuh..
Broken someone's heart ; not sure..
Cried when someone died ; ofcos..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call ; penantian 1 penyiksaan..
Save e-mails ; urmmm
 Been cheated on ; heheheh

What ;

Your room like ; tongkang pecah..hahah
What is right beside youu ; hp + mr ted
What is the last thing you ate ; sate kajang..

Who ;

Who did you last yell at ; my mom
Who was the last person you dance with ; menari pon xpenah...haishh
Who last made you smile ; .............:)

Final Question ;

What are you listening to right now ; that's when i love u ~ aslyn mitchell
What did you do todayyy ; eskim + tdo + eskim + tdo + eskim + tdo
Are you the oldest ; bongsu meh...jiwe kental nih..
Indoors or outdoors ; both.

Todayy You Did ;

Talk to someone you like ; belom lagi
Kiss anyone ; ofcos.. * aleesya rizqin*
Sing ; twinkle2 little star..haha
Talk to an ex ; nope.
Eat ; eskim + nasi + biskot = sume taram
Miss Someone ; yup...always

Last Person Whooo ;

You talked to on the phone ; my mom
Made you cry ; cant remember..hahaha
You went to the mall with ; ekin ku syg
Who cheered you up ; someone..:)

Have You ;
Been to Mexico ; cehhh...xbes
Been to USA ; dah bosan dh..selalu sgt pegi..haha.
Randommm ; urmmmm
Have a crush on someone ; crush pokok penah lah..haha
*mestilah penah...shhhh*
What Book are you reading right now ; facebook..:P
Best feeling in the world ; in love..:)
Future kids name ; adam..ececehh..
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal ; my mr ted..wee~~
What under your bed ; family lipas..haha
Favourite sport(s) ; kuda ku lari gagah berani..hahah
Favourite place ; beach with sunset
Who do you really hate ; cicak....huh
Do you have a job ; not yet

What time is it now ; 2157h

byk gile soklan....
penat nih taip..
mase untuk men'tag' kwn2...
all my bes pals...:)

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  1. hahhaha
    ni habis ko crta habis psl profil ko
    ni kes nk cari calon laki ke wes



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